Western Devs: Three Months On

Yesterday was the three month anniversary of our first post and while our official first post was on June 17, we're celebrating anyway.

Since that time, we have generated 60 posts by 10 different people, as well as 6 podcasts*. We've spoken at three events and are scheduled at eight more in the next few months. A sampling of some of the topics we've covered:

Underlying all of this is an extremely active Slack channel populated by a group of very lucky and grateful developers. Part support group/part continuous psychotherapy, it is there where many of the seeds for our posts and podcasts start and where the line is blurred between work and life balance. Outside of our technical prowess, it is where we discuss smoked meat and veggies, tangos, the accuracy of Big Ben, redaction, incorporating DQ Blizzard deliveries into our contracts, and the best way to get a first class ticket on Emirates Airlines (hint: through Alaska Airlines).

Will the momentum continue? It's hard to say. Although the online presence started only recently, this has been boiling under the surface for many years now so chances are good. We're still finding our feet in some areas but for now, we're still talking.

*For reference, in that same time, Los Techies has had 26 posts and CodeBetter nine. Just sayin'

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