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I'm a software developer/programmer/contractor/consultant/nerd/geek who hails from Alberta, Canada. I've worked on a lot of different software projects in the past 20+ years in IT and have worn different hats - developer, QA, team lead, scapegoat, documentation, training and even a bit of project management thrown in.

My background is primarily .NET, C# in particular. I was even a Microsoft MVP in C# from 2008 – 2010. However, I've also worked in C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and a smattering of Python. It was in 2010 that I caught the mobile bug, Android in particular (although I do like iOS as well), and I've been trying to keep things focused on mobile in general.

Current I'm on contract to the great folks at Xamarin. If you're looking to make a native cross-platform mobile app, Xamarin is the only way to go IMHO.

> Blog posts

Don't Let Crud, Corruption, and Communism Kill Your Smart Watch
Tom Opgenorth
I have a Samsung Gear Live. One day, all of sudden, it wouldn't turn on after I had it charging in it's little charging dock. I thought the problem was with the watch, and Google the symptoms led me to one of two conclusions:
An Intro to Android Data Binding
Tom Opgenorth
In May, 2015 at Google announced a data binding library for Android. It's long overdue – developers no longer have to come up with their own schemes for displaying or retrieving data from their views. With two-way data binding, it's possible to remove a lot of redundant boilerplate code from the activities and fragments that make up an application.
Docker Containers Explained for the Novice
Tom Opgenorth
Over at the WesternDev "consortium" a random discussion broke out about containers: what are they, how are they different from virtual machines, and how do they work. While no means a "container expert", I have dabbled a bit and sought to add some clarity to the discussion. It seems that I made enough sense and so thought I would summarize the dicussion here.

Tom Opgenorth

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