Amir Barylko
SmartView is a lean agile project management tool that combines the intuitive approach of user story maps with the productivity of kanban boards and cumulative user metrics to help your team work more effectively and efficiently.


> Epoch

Amir Barylko
Utilities to create dates in a fluent style and manipulate date ranges

> EntityFramework Seeder

Dave Paquette
A collection of helper methods to help seed entity framework databases from CSV files.

> Tag Helper Samples

Dave Paquette
Real-world examples of MVC6 Tag Helpers

> Schmancy

Amir Barylko
Schmancy is a library dedicated to help developers write tests against APIs without the need of setting up a server or using a real endpoint.

> GenFu

James Chambers
GenFu is a library you can use to generate realistic test data.
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