Life Outside .NET

The Western Devs discuss working outside your comfort zone
Recorded on Friday, October 16, 2015


  • What if .NET disappeared tomorrow?
  • Programming vs. architecting vs. project management
  • Other technologies in ASP.NET vNext
  • Working outside Windows?
  • Development and infrastructure issues on Windows vs. non-Windows
  • The importance of patience when diving into a new language/OS/technology/tool
  • Becoming familiar with the command line/PowerShell
  • The ease of getting set up with a new environment using a VM
  • Bash-like terminals in Windows
  • Using deployment as a means of learning new tools
  • Working with ASP.NET vNext without Visual Studio
  • Experimenting with your build script and test projects
  • Conferences/user groups/code retreats as a tool for learning
  • Microsoft's new direction: chasing a market or listening to the community?
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