Internal Open Source

The Western Devs sound off on why your company should share and collaborate on its internal code
Recorded on Friday, August 7, 2015


  • What is "internal open source" or "internal shared source"?
  • Sharing libraries (via a shared package server) vs. shared source
  • The importance of a manager for an internally shared project
  • Open source vs. traditional corporate: switching to a sharing culture
  • Who's responsible for this feature?
  • The need for open communication when sharing code: Can I add this feature to your code?
  • How can you sell shared source to your boss?
  • Cross collaboration and moving to shared engineering standards
  • Exposing your code to the company: scary or beneficial
  • Risks of sharing your code
  • Proper management of forks and pull requests
  • The .NET Core's PR review meetings
  • Staged approach to implementing internal shared source: open up your own project first
  • Legal concerns about sharing your code outside your immediate team
  • Is your code really useful to anyone else?
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