Continuing the theme of making grandiose claims about vaguely defined terms, the Western Devs take on the Rise of DevOps
Recorded on Friday, July 17, 2015


  • DevOps: Person, role, culture, methodology, or movement?
  • The importance of collaboration and communication
  • Automation, continuous delivery/continuous deployment: are they required for DevOps?
  • What happens to your code after you commit?
  • Attitude defines your culture, not the other way around
  • DevOps is not a developer that does operational tasks
  • Is the backlash coming? Lessons from Agile
  • An incremental approach to implementing DevOps practices in an organization
  • Security benefits of being able to release often
  • Metrics, logging, statistics, monitoring: what happens after you release?
  • Is quality dead? If so, can DevOps fix it?
  • Does DevOps change how you code? No-downtime deployments, A/B testing and feature toggles
  • Enabling smaller deployments that use external services
  • How DevOps practices make CQRS, eventing, and microservices easier
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