Refactor vs. Rewrite

The Western Devs tackle the eternal debate: do we refactor or rewrite?
Recorded on Friday, October 9, 2015


  • NetConfUY
  • Dropping into a brownfield application
  • Rewrite vs. refactor
  • Political factors
  • Setting up a safety net
  • What is correct: What the app does or what it should do?
  • The challenge of limiting scope during refactoring
  • The legacy catch-22: You need tests to refactor but you need to refactor before you can write tests
  • Selling a refactoring to your client
  • Identifying risk to your client
  • The Boy Scout Rule: Leave the code better than you found it
  • The refactoring rabbit hole
  • Using metrics to determine where to focus
  • Finding quick wins
  • Strangler pattern to carve off pieces
  • Ensuring the dev team is on board
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