Barriers for Women in Technology

Special guest Rachel Thomas and the Western Devs discuss the barriers facing women when they enter and when they stay in technology
Recorded on Friday, December 11, 2015


  • Stats on women in tech
  • The problem with focusing solely on the pipeline
  • When teachers feed the stereotype
  • Gender bias vs. general obtuseness
  • When bias happens behind closed doors
  • Numbers and statistics vs. anecdotal evidence
  • Building trust and being observant
  • The power of stories in our youth
  • Overlap with ageism
  • The looming skills shortage
  • Benefit of a balanced workforce rather than a male-oriented work environment
  • Encouraging women to start and lead companies
  • Recognizing social differences
  • Stop asking for ninjas, gurus, and rock stars already!
  • "We have a flexible work environment"...do you really?
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