Prairie Dev Con Recap

The Western Devs reminisce on their experience at Prairie Dev Con and offer tips to speakers, conference organizers, and attendees.
Recorded on Friday, April 15, 2016
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  • History of Prairie Dev Con
  • Tee shirts, empanadas, and luchadors
  • Speaker tip: Be specific in session titles
  • Conference organizer tip: Treat your speakers well
  • Conference organizer tip: Create a positive vibe
  • Presentation review: Docker
  • Presentation review: Staying relevant in the industry
  • Feedback stats
  • The broadening technology landscape
  • The challenge of determining what the market wants to hear
  • Benefits of covering costs for speakers
  • Conference organizer tip: Focus on all of: Attendees, Sponsors, Organizer, Speakers
  • Speaking topic: When not to push to production
  • Topic trends: Mobile is dead (at least in Winnipeg)
  • Presentation review: Dealing with difficult people
  • Law of two feet: It's okay to leave if you don't want to stay in the session
  • Presentation review: Sweet ES6
  • Record the &*%$# sessions, D'Arcy!
  • The finances of attending and running a conference
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