Mobile Apps and Xamarin

The Western Devs discuss the ins and outs of mobile development and Xamarin
Recorded on Friday, March 18, 2016


  • Xamarin: platform for building cross-platform applications that happens to be in .NET
  • Scenarios for Xamarin forms
  • What to know when building for OSX or IOS
  • Xamarin Studio vs Visual Studio
  • Alternatives to Xamarin for cross-platform development
  • You can't avoid learning about the platform API you're developing for
  • Design considerations for mobile apps
  • Designing for tablets vs. phones vs. watches vs. cars
  • Architectural concerns for mobile apps
  • Designing for slow/poor connectivity
  • Native vs hybrid apps
  • Distinguishing between hybrid apps and responsive web apps
  • Testing on mobile
  • Versioning mobile apps
  • Analytics in mobile apps
  • The dangers of drinking with Joseph Hill
  • Existing resources
  • Importance of testing on actual devices
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