Getting Started in Open Source with Adam Ralph

Open source addict, Adam Ralph sits down with the Western Devs to give us tips on getting started in the wacky world of open source
Recorded on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


  • Getting Started: Launch your own or contribute
  • It’s not as scary as you think
  • Start with something you use
  • Chime in on issues
  • Taking over someone else’s project
  • Managing a project doesn’t always involve a lot of time
  • The maintainer may not have all the knowledge
  • OSS already blog post
  • Don’t wait for your project to be “ready"
  • Helping new contributors
  • The contributing.md file
  • Communicate before submitting a PR
  • Recognize that OSS is usually done on a “best effort” basis
  • Find a balance between too much and not enough time on OSS
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