Developer Productivity

The Western Devs take a break from their collective workdays to discuss developer productivity
Recorded on Friday, February 5, 2016


  • Can you measure developer productivity?
  • Value delivered is contextual
  • Measuring over time
  • Measuring developers vs. teams
  • Choosing appropriate metrics that measure the right things
  • Distractions/external factors
  • Collaboration and/or competition
  • What's driving the desire for measuring developer productivity?
  • Measuring beyond code: professional development, mentoring, marketing
  • Individual vs. team evaluations
  • Constant peer feedback
  • How do you manage promotions/pay raises without measuring productivity?
  • Performance review != salary review
  • conversation devolves into a salary discussion for longer than it should have
  • How do you allocate your budget within the context of measuring a developer's productivity?
  • Divorcing salary from productivity
  • Measuring productivity in terms of cookies
  • Employees vs. consultants
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