Developer Health

The Western Devs aren't getting any younger. We take time out of our exercise routines to talk about keeping healthy
Recorded on Thursday, September 22, 2016


  • Dealing with "you have to do this for the rest of your life"
  • Evaluating consumption
  • Cross-fit is fun a thing
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Creating measurable and appropriate goals
  • Combining exercise with work
  • Weight vs. body fat
  • Tweaking the metrics
  • Importance of having a plan
  • The motivation of being yelled at
  • Find a community
  • Outsourcing your health plan
  • Keeping it simple and creating habits
  • Using technology
  • Measuring regularly
  • The challenge of eating properly when you work from home
  • Getting your kids involved
  • The psychology of hunger
  • Activities performed by Western Devs in the making of this episode: running, cross-fit, hockey, boxing, weights, tennis, devopsing, microservicing, and competitive breathing.
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