Building developer tools with Igal Tabachnik

We talk with Igal Tabachnik and discuss the finer points of building tools for Visual Studio
Recorded on Friday, January 22, 2016


  • What happens under the covers in Visual Studio?
  • Finding further use of compilers, debuggers, and source code analyzers
  • TypeMock - Low level CLR to mock statics and sealed classes
  • Reverse engineering without documentation
  • OzCode - Tying into the debugger
  • Developer tools vs. LOB apps
  • How’d they do that?
  • Going past F10 and F11
  • Moving the debug point backward or forward
  • Using Roslyn to hook into the build process
  • Roslyn: opening the compiler black box. It’s not scary anymore
  • Using Roslyn for domain-specific plugins
  • ReSharper and DevExpress: Comparing a tool that isn’t switching to Roslyn to one that is
  • Building tools that stay out of your way
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