Release Notes for Little Shop of Wall Street 0.1.0-beta

Finally! The 0.1 beta has arrived for Little Shop of Wall Street!

In this video, DW walks through the new features rolled out both in-game and behind the scenes for his LD46 game jam title.

You can play the game here on

Side Notes

This release is an important one for me.

First, off it's the first "beta" release which I've categorized as a moderately stable release, and includes a "complete gameplay loop" on purpose. There are still plenty of bugs (as the video even showed) but it works and playable.

Second, this release is the original vision of what I pictured the gamejam submission to be when D'Arcy and I came up with the idea back in April. Many months later, I have that release which says a lot about my prototyping and experimenting process (i.e. I'm too slow).

Lastly, I have multiple versions of the game out there including Linux/X11 and Windows versions. There's still a lot more to learn and do with the while devops setup for my projects, but this is a great step forward and can be reused with all my Godot-based projects moving forward.

Until the next one-- thanks for playing.

~ DW

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