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Lori Lalonde works at Microsoft as a Tech Evangelist. She is also an Apress author, mentor, and international conference speaker. She began her career in the tech industry in 1997 and hasn't looked back since.

Lori is actively involved in the local community, serves as the Lead Organizer of Canada's Technology Triangle .NET User Group, and participates in local Women in Technology groups. Whether mentoring junior colleagues or writing about her experiences in the industry on her blog, she is always happy to share her knowledge with the greater community.

> Blog posts

The Code Review Blues
Lori Lalonde
Code reviews. Some people really enjoy participating in them. Others find it worse than a visit to the dentist. I've been in both camps.
Continuous Integration With Xamarin.iOS, Visual Studio Team Services, and MacinCloud: Part 1
Lori Lalonde
Recently, Microsoft and MacinCloud announced a partnership in which they have enabled Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to support continuous integration (CI) builds for Xamarin.iOS and XCode projects using a Mac build agent in the cloud.
Mobile App Testing on 114 Devices in 20 Minutes
Lori Lalonde
My day started off just like any other at the office. I plugged in my machine, launched Visual Studio and opened up the latest Xamarin.Android project I had been working on for the client. On this particular day, I had to make a layout change to ensure that the weighting of two different layouts were updated based on a set of conditions. Sounds easy enough, right?

Lori Lalonde

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