What Is DevOps?

I'm sure there's hundreds of posts out there trying to define DevOps, this is my $0.02 on the topic.

If you subscribe to the lean software development way of thinking, you think about a pipeline of value that results in working software. For example this might be: Analysis -> Dev -> Test -> Deploy -> Monitor

As with any pipeline, there is likely a bottleneck somewhere that restricts the flow of value. Lean is all about identifying and attacking these bottlenecks. 10 years ago - before Agile - the bottleneck was probably Analysis, or maybe Test. With Agile development becoming mainstream over the last decade, it has done a pretty good job of attacking those bottlenecks, resulting in analysis and test becoming more just-in-time, spread out over the course of a project, and embedded in the regular dev workflows. They are no longer the bottleneck.

A new bottleneck has arisen, that is at the boundary of the dev/test team and the operations team. These tend to be very separate teams, with a clear handoff between them. This results in friction, and a bottleneck in the flow of value.

So back to my definition of DevOps:

DevOps is recognizing that a bottleneck exists between Development and Operations, and doing something to address it.

This bottleneck manifests itself in a number of ways, here's a few common ones:

  1. Provisioning / Managing Infrastructure - Creating environments for dev/test/uat/prod, and managing or making changes to those environments.
  2. Deployment to Production - Still often done by writing word documents with deployment instructions, scheduling a time for Operations team to do the deployment, then delivering the document and deployment packages to Operations.
  3. Production Support / Monitoring - Is the application available, are there errors, what is the load on the servers.

These are common causes of friction within development organizations. I could go into details, but I expect just reading the points above you can identify with at least some of these concerns.

When I hear people talk about DevOps, I often hear 3 common approaches:

  1. Closer collaboration between the development and operations team. Perhaps having an Ops team member actively involved with the dev team throughout the project.
  2. Increased Dev Team Responsibility - Writing automation scripts to provision / manage environments, deployment automation scripts, etc
  3. New Role: DevOps Engineer - Introducing a new role specifically to sit between dev and ops to facilitate the automation and collaboration.

Although #2 is the approach I see most often, I believe all 3 approaches are perfectly valid ways to attack the problem.

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