PSA: Setting Up Containers in a VM in Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 3

Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 3 has just been released and it has container support! There's documentation on it already to do basic stuff and it's easy to follow. So I'm going to repeat it verbatim quickly mention the one and only major issue I ran into.

I created a VM in Fusion for the server which went pretty smoothly. When presented with a list of operating systems, I selected Windows Server 2012 and it installed fine from the ISO file. After that, I started on the documentation and at the step where you run the ContainerSetup.ps1 powershell script, I got hit with an error:

New-NetNat : No matching interface was found for prefix (null).
At C:\ContainerSetup.ps1:247 char:5
New-NetNat -Name ContainerNAT -InternalIPInterfaceAddressPrefix $ ...
CategoryInfo : NotSpecified (MSFT_NetNat:root/StandardCimv2/MSFT_NetNat) [New-NetNat], CimException
FullyQualifiedErrorId : Windows System Error 1169,New-NetNat

New-NetNat error

This tripped me up for a while for a few reasons:

  1. I'm not crazy familiar with PowerShell
  2. Nothing came up for the error message in the Bingoogle
  3. InternalIPInterfaceAddressPrefix doesn't even appear in the documentation for New-NetNat

The answer, which came to me in a rubber ducking episode as I typed on a question on the forums, was in the VM's network configuration in VMWare Fusion:

![Network settings]( = 200x)

By default, VMs get created with the "Share with my Mac" setting. Changing this to Autodetect allowed the script to continue.

By that time, I had discovered that an Azure VM image already exists for Server 2016 Tech Preview 3 and even with the Containers Feature already enabled. So that's as far as I ventured with the VM.

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