Happy Holidays from the Western Devs

Every year, the Western Devs try to put together a virtual holiday gathering across 7 timezones to catch-up, have fun, and celebrate the holiday season. To mark the occasion, we had AI generate a poem to help us enjoy the season along with an image for which we will not provide context for.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land The Western Devs group was busily at hand Working on projects, coding with care In hopes that the deadlines would soon be met, with flair

he computers were humming, the monitors aglow As the developers worked on code, to and fro Some were debugging, some were designing All with the goal of creating something exciting

But as the night wore on, and the work was almost through The developers stopped, and a cheer rose anew They had made it, they had finished the task Now it was time to put down the code and unwind at last

So they gathered around, for the holiday was here Raised a glass to a year of hard work and good cheer Here's to the Western Devs group, may your future be bright Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Have yourselves a great holiday season and new year!

a portrait of the lobster dressed for bed and sipping a glass of champagne after a one night stand in Seattle. The lobster is sitting on a hotel bed, wearing an oversized aqua robe, with a shirt and bowtie, but no pants, and a set of ski goggles.


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