Docker on Windows 10 Problems


UPDATE -- Solution Found

Another Western Dev that goes by the name of Dave White found a solution and I confirmed that it works. The solution entails using a test build of the new Docker tool suite, so use at your own risk, but it does work!

You can find the solution from Dave White here, and learn more about the man himself here.

I've hit some issues getting docker running on Windows 10. Turns out it's an issue with VirtualBox and it's being worked on, but I figured I'd share the details here just in case you're having the same issue.

You get the full scoop here on GitHub and here on the Virtualbox ticket site.

For those too busy to read the links, here's the executive summary.

The Symptoms

You install boot2docker on a Windows 10 machine, and you can't seem to run the intro command docker run hello-world as instructed by the installer.

When you run boot2docker init -v you get an error Failed to create host-only network interface.

You have VirtualBox 5.0.x installed and Docker gives you problems like those described above.

The Solution

So far there isn't an official fix, but there is test build as described on the boot2docker issue linked above. Personally, I haven't given it a shot, but it looks like things are on their way to be mended.

Here's hoping that it gets fixed so I can finally upgrade my desktop to Windows 10, and get docker running on my laptop.

Thanks for Playing. ~ DW

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