Add some spice to your life with Resharper Templates

Do you use Resharper? Do you have 5 minutes? Awesome, let's change your life.

Open Visual Studio. Click on the Resharper menu item, navigate to Tools > Template Explorer, then click on the new template button (see image);


In the editor, paste this: //TODO : $user$ $date$ $description$

On the right, you'll now see three parameters. For user, click "choose macro", and the select "Full user name of current user".

For the date parameter, click "Choose macro", and then select "Current data specified format". In the format box, type "MM/dd/yyyy".

Uncheck the editable checkboxes for user and date.

Lastly, in the "Shortcut" box, type "todo" and name it "todo helper".


Ok, save and make a new one for "hack" comments with "//HACK : $user$ $date$ $description$"

Now, you should be able to go into your C# class files and do this:


Cool, huh?

Ok, now let's make a unit test help with this:

public void $methodName$()




I use the shortcut nut for "nUnit Test". If you use other testing frameworks, just modify it to suite your needs.

Save it and now add tests like this:


Pretty sweet, right? Life changing? Maybe.

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