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Loading Related Entities: Many-to-One
Dave Paquette
This is a part of a series of blog posts on data access with Dapper. In today's post, we will start our journey into more complex query scenarios by exploring how to load related entities. There are a few different scenarios to cover here. In this post we will be covering the Many-to-One scenario.
Using Stored Procedures to Load Data with Dapper
Dave Paquette
Let's just get this one out of the way early. Stored procedures are not my favorite way to get data from SQL Server but there was a time when they were extremely popular. They are still heavily used today and so this series would not be complete without covering how to use stored procedures with Dapper.
Loading an Object From SQL Server Using Dapper
Dave Paquette
I was recently asked to create a read-only web API to expose some parts of a system's data model to third party developers. While Entity Framework is often my go-to tool for data access, I thought this was a good scenario to use Dapper instead. This series of blog posts explores dapper and how you might use it in your application. Today, we will start with the basics of loading and mapping a database table to a C# class.
Home Networking - Racking
Donald Belcham
I didn't just terminate cables in a mechanical room and mount a few pieces of hardware directly to a wall. Instead I got a wall mount rack to organize everything in.
Angular Testing Patterns - TestBed
Simon Timms
Spec files are automatically generated by Angular 5's CLI but most projects leave them empty. Why not actually write some tests? This post covers some useful patterns to make the whole process as painless as possible.


Is there still a place for the server-side web?
SEP 10 - In a leaner half-hour podcast, we discuss whether we should still be rendering web pages on the server

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